100% uptime and Highest Level of Security is our ACHIEVEMENT...

Our Data Center

Premier Data Centre
As a CRH customer, you’ll be able to access the resources provided by our advanced data centre. We've created the ultimate Internet environment that’s far beyond the reach of many large corporations. And it’s been created especially for you – for innovative resellers, forward-looking businesses and for personal users wanting to take their Internet ambitions to the max.


Security & reliability
We’ve also invested heavily in security and reliability, with features such as Advanced Fire Suppression Systems, Denco Environmental Climate Control, back-up generators and APC UPS to protect your service. Meanwhile, CCTV, access systems and security guards are in operation to safeguard the centre.


Our Servers have  a massive 400 Mb/s of Internet connectivity provided by two companies, Telewest and Cable & Wireless. It  reduces the risk, in the unlikely event that either should experience network problems. And the two lines are routed separately into the building for extra reliability. What’s more, our bandwidth can burst up to more than 1GB/s instantly at the flick of a switch, ensuring we can grow with customer needs.


Quality server hardware
We only use rack-optimized branded servers. By standardizing our technologies on these high-quality machines, we can raise our levels of expertise, keep a ready inventory of spares and be able to respond to faults quickly. Our excellent relationship with Dell also ensures keep up with the latest technologies too.


Comprehensive security
We use a variety of firewall and security devices for our network, following a similar security model to the one adopted by the US military. Similar standards are applied to our physical premises, with UPS, advanced fire-suppression equipment, CCTV, access systems and security guards in operation.

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